Do you require onsite wastewater treatment?

Autoflow wastewater treatment systems are a unique, sustainable, environmentally friendly system, especially designed to utilize natures process in the treatment of wastewater. Solid waste is converted into humus by a living eco system of decomposer organisms (compost worms, bugs, beetles etc).


A sustainable waste treatment system working for the environment. No chemicals.


Because of the aerobic process this system does not produce offensive odours.


No sucking out, no blowers to service or repair.


The system comes in Kit-Set form. Lightweight tanks are excellent for difficult sites.


The simplicity and effectiveness of this system means costs are kept to a minimum.

How Autoflow systems work

Liquid waste is passed through a series of filtration mediums before being dispersed into a planted evapotranspiration field, or soil infiltration system. Superior to a septic tank, more user-friendly than a composting toilet and lower maintenance than an aerated wastewater treatment system! (AWTS)

1. Vermicomposting & Greywater tanks: Receive black & grey wastewater flows, filter & compost solids.

2. Batch reactor with dosing siphon or pump: Treats the water.

3. EVAPO transpiration field: Reintroduces water back into the environment.


Below is a few small samples of the Autoflow Wastewater Treament projects we have completed. There’s a system setup to suit most conditions.

Matai Bay Campground

Matai Bay is on the Karikari peninsula near Kaitaia and is a popular holiday destination. Each year large numbers of campers seek out this beautiful spot and enjoy a few weeks holiday. Unfortunately the camp facilitates were not keeping up with the camp’s growing popularity. SEE MORE

South Canterbury

A client from South Canterbury, 60km inland from Timaru in the South Island, approached us looking for a sustainable wastewater treatment system to complement the sustainable house he was building. He wanted a system that would allow his wastewater to be used as a resource: water for irrigation and compost for the garden. He also wanted a system with few moving parts because of possible winter power outages. SEE MORE


Short introduction to products here updated copy from Bruce or off documents. Short introduction to products here updated copy from Bruce or off documents. Short introduction to products here updated copy from Bruce or off documents.

Watermate Greywater Diverter

Watermate is the easy & effective way to recycle your greywater. WaterMate is a breakthrough in greywater recycling technology. Save time and money – WaterMate transforms your greywater into garden irrigation water. SEE MORE

Super Siphon Dosing Siphon

The Super Siphon has been designed to offer you a superior performing product never before achieved with passive dosing. Designers and end users are now able to achieve so much more with the Passive Versatility of the Super Siphon. Learn More

Bristle Outlet Filter

The Bristle Filter’s simple design provides a fast, clean and affordable solution for servicing septic tanks. Learn More

Autoflow Waste Water System Tanks

Find out more about the various combinations that cover BlackWater, Grey Water, Reactors and Dual Tank setups. Learn More


Prices vary according to your site factors which include: soil type, occupancy of the dwelling, amount of fall, whether a pump is required etc. Autoflow systems are made in Auckland and Christchurch, supplied in kitset form and are easily transported anywhere in New Zealand.

1-2 bedroom dwelling

The approximate price range for an Autoflow system is:

3-4 Bedroom dwelling

The approximate price range for an Autoflow system is:

Eco friendly • No smell • Low maintenance • Easy installation • Cost effective

A natural approach to the treatment of wastewater

Find out if an Autoflow solution is right for you.

Whether you are building, renovating upgrading or extending, choosing the right wastewater treatment system is vital. Issues of health and cost are extremely important, and if you are looking for a sustainable system then, like us, the environment is also important to you.

Our Autoflow consultants will be more than happy to talk through your specific requirements and help you decide whether Autoflow is the right system for you.

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