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Our Autoflow products are proven in the field with many successfull installations. Each part of the system is hard wearing and economically sustainable.

The investment in this technology, as simple as it is, will greatly improve the future ecology and the use of your water, We all know that water is fast becoming a life currency, so the management of its resopurce at all levels bodes well for the planet as a whole.

Super Siphon Dosing Siphon

The Super Siphon has been designed to offer you a superior performing product never before achieved with passive dosing. Designers and end users are now able to achieve so much more with the Passive Versatility of the Super Siphon.

  • No Power Required
  • No Moving Parts
  • Will Not Stall
  • Simple to Install or Retrofit
  • Low Cost
  • Environmentally Friendly Construction

Watermate Greywater Diverter

Watermate is the easy & effective way to recycle your greywater. WaterMate is a breakthrough in greywater recycling technology. Save time and money WaterMate transforms your greywater into garden irrigation water.

Every time you take a shower, brush your teeth or wash clothes a tremendous amount of water goes down the drain and into your sewerage system, water that could be keeping you grass green and flowers blooming. Enter the WaterMate, a device proven in 40 countries to filter and clean approximately two thirds of your waste water ready for use in your drip feeder irrigation system.

Bristle Outlet Filter

The Bristle Filter‘s simple design provides a fast, clean and affordable solution for servicing septic tanks. The filter has been hydrodynamically designed with non-directional bristles for unrestricted flow of effluent, allowing biological maturing and sloughing to maximise the septic tank’s efficiency.

The STF-110 has well over 3/4 of a kilometre of filtration media with over 5200cm3 of open area to eliminate clogging. The 14290cm2 of filtering surface allows a flow rate of over 4500 LPD (litres per day), filtering to 1.5 diameter. This incredible amount of filtering surface is achieved through the unique shape of each triangular bristle, which more than doubles the filtering surface, with no uniform holes or slots to plug.

Autoflow Waste Water System Tanks

Black water (vermi) tank

  • Receives the black wastewater flow from the toilet(s) and kitchen
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • 1.2m dia. X 1.3m high – capacity 1500 litres

Gray water tank

  • Receives the grey water from the laundry, basins, bath and shower
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • 1.2m dia. X 1.3m high – capacity 1500 litres

Dual tank

  • Receives both grey and black water from the house
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • 1.2m dia. X 1.3m high – capacity 1500 litres

Batch reactor

  • Treats wastewater coming from the grey and black water tanks
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • Contains a dosing siphon or, if the site has no fall, a submersible pump
  • 1.2m dia. X 1.3m high with siphon – capacity 1500 litres
  • 1.2 dia. X 2.7 with pump – capacity 3000 litres

Grey water combo

For a dwelling requiring only its grey water to be treated; typically used in combination with a waterless composting toilet.

  • Contains a dosing siphon or, if the site does not have fall, a submersible pump
  • Can be installed above or below ground
  • 1.2 dia. X 2m high – capacity 2000 litres

Autoflow Low Pressure Effluent Distribution (LPED) kit

  • Disperses the treated wastewater to land for irrigation
  • Can be sized to any application


Active 2-3 person system

Active 6-9 person system

Passive 4-6 person system

LPED Fields

Eco friendly • No smell • Low maintenance • Easy installation • Cost effective

A natural approach to the treatment of wastewater

Find out if an Autoflow solution is right for you.

Whether you are building, renovating upgrading or extending, choosing the right wastewater treatment system is vital. Issues of health and cost are extremely important, and if you are looking for a sustainable system then, like us, the environment is also important to you.

Our Autoflow consultants will be more than happy to talk through your specific requirements and help you decide whether Autoflow is the right system for you.

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